Advantages and disadvantages of solid wood furniture

wood furniture

The different types of solid wood used in furniture:

First of all, we suggest you find out which types of wood are most often used in the design of solid wood furniture, as well as their characteristics.

This is probably the most used wood in furniture. It has the advantage of resisting temperature variations well and being fairly easy to maintain.

Oak: Oak is above all used for the manufacture of resistant furniture and behaves in particular very well in the face of humidity. It can be found in all rooms, from the living room to the bedroom, including water features such as the bathroom.

Walnut: Recognizable by its brown and slightly reddish color, walnut will be the preferred material for rather classic yet contemporary furniture.

Cherry: Cherry is a wood that is frequently found in the furniture of living rooms including the living room and the dining room . Its rough bark indeed gives strips of brown and reddish color.

Mango: More exotic, mango wood comes from India. Its color is most often light brown and quite similar to that of walnut. Very trendy, the mango wood furniture is ideal if you opt for a modern and refined decoration or for a Scandinavian style decoration.

Rosewood: Another wood originating from India but with a darker hue, sometimes with slight golden reflections. Rosewood is a solid wood but will tend to stain on contact with heat. This is the reason why it is rarely found in the composition of kitchen or dining room furniture .

What are the main advantages of solid wood furniture?

If you are still looking for a reason to invest in solid wood furniture, here is a summary of the advantages of this material that is resolutely in tune with the times .

The first advantage of solid wood furniture is undoubtedly its aesthetics. Whether finished with paint or varnish or simply raw, solid wood gives shine to an interior and tends to warm an atmosphere thanks to its natural appearance.

But solid wood also has interesting properties if you want to keep your furniture for a long time and in good condition. Indeed, since solid wood furniture is made of this very dense material, it resists wear and tear and certain types of wood are even known to resist insects and fungi.

Finally, solid wood offers countless possibilities of variations and can be associated with metal or glass without any false note. Thus and whatever your tastes in terms of decoration and the current style of your interior, you will find solid wood furniture adapted to your desires.

What are the main disadvantages of solid wood furniture?

As we have just seen, solid wood furniture offers many advantages. But there are some disadvantages to be aware of before buying this type of furniture . Indeed, and although very resistant, certain types of wood need to be treated, in particular against fungi and insects.

If the furniture concerned is of course treated before being sold, you will have to repeat this operation regularly thereafter.

The price of solid wood furniture is also often higher than that of furniture made of other materials. However, there are also more or less strong differences depending on the type of wood used.

Finally, it happens that the wood ages and takes on a grayish hue with sometimes the appearance of a few cracks. This is completely normal since wood is a living material. It is even sometimes this natural aging that gives solid wood furniture its charm.

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