The benefits of exterior tiling



The terrace is a visual element that should not be overlooked for the aesthetics of your home. There is a wide range of decking or outdoor coverings to choose from. The aesthetic effects of a tiled or stone terrace are indeed quite different. The atmosphere offered by these two types of coatings is also of great importance, especially if you want to obtain a well-appointed and livable terrace. When you are going to set up your terrace, you must not forget either that it must be both useful and pleasant. We therefore suggest that you choose an exterior covering that is both elegant and practical.

The 4 major advantages of tiling for the exterior

1-A wide choice is offered to you

Aesthetically, the tiling perfectly renders the wood effect, the natural stone aspect but also the slate without having the disadvantages of these materials.

Tiling is therefore a material that can offer many unexpected, unusual but also very original effects. Its implementation, by a qualified craftsman, will guarantee you a good longevity.

You have a wide choice when it comes to outdoor tiles. For example, you can choose ceramic tiles which can be made of terracotta, porcelain stoneware, floor tiles or even cement tiles. Installing porcelain stoneware tiles is therefore ideal for your exterior cladding.

2-Resistance and security

In addition to the affordable price, tiling is also a very resistant material. The choice of tiling placed outside will also guarantee you better safety. However, it is essential to choose tiles that meet the resistance standards and the criteria recommended for exterior cladding.

Ask your tiler or your specialist tile dealer for advice. Remember that your tiles must be frost-resistant and weather-resistant. Tiling is also an ecological material for both interior and exterior cladding. It also owes its success to its high resistance to compression, shocks and also scratches.

3-Decorative effect

The tiling offers you a great decorative potential since it exists in several variants in terms of size, shapes, colors without forgetting prices. The range of choices in terms of colors allows you, for example, to vary the decors corresponding to your desires.

4-Easy to maintain

One of the great advantages with patio tiling is that it is also easy to maintain. Indeed, whatever the type of tiling, you just need to apply a mixture of black soap and water to clean your floor. If it is very dirty, you should apply a mixture of water and baking soda to remove stubborn stains. Avoid using a high-pressure cleaner, this causes micro cracks which accentuate the damage caused by freezing. Prefer diluted bleach, leave to act depending on the state of dirt, then clean with clear water with a brush.

Five cases where porcelain stoneware tiles are preferable to any other solution

 High traffic areas: in public spaces, stone is susceptible to scratches, stains and degradation. Thanks to their exceptional resistance to wear and impact, tiles are widely used in shops, universities, holiday clubs, airports and train stations.

 Areas that require easy maintenance: ideal for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices and overloaded individuals, porcelain stoneware has a low absorption rate and therefore requires less maintenance than stone.

 Outside: porcelain stoneware is frost resistant. Its density and weight make it a material that is easier to install and less expensive than natural stone, which requires a significant thickness to avoid breakage during thawing.

 Wet areas: sandstone and limestone are porous and therefore cannot be used in wet areas. Porcelain stoneware tiles have a low absorption rate which complies with UPEC standards.

 Areas where safety is a priority: there are safety standards for porcelain stoneware, but not for natural stone. It is therefore preferable to choose porcelain stoneware for swimming pool edges, spas, halls, stairs, sidewalks, etc. In a word, in all places where safety is paramount. The products offered exceed prescribed slip resistance standards, giving you peace of mind for the life of the installation.


For the covering of your exteriors, tiling offers you an incomparable design and great resistance over time. Both easy to maintain and very hygienic, it also offers you the possibility of easy cleaning with water and a degreaser such as: ammonia, bleach, a other industrial product. Without forgetting the decorative effect, the tiles are an ideal coating to give life to your terrace.

Follow the appropriate advice of a professional for the installation of exterior tiling.

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