The benefits of tiling

The benefits of tiling

Despite the enthusiasm aroused in recent years by the parquet, the tiles remain largely acclaimed by the French. It must be said that thanks to its many qualities, it adapts to all the floors in your home. In humid rooms (bathroom, kitchen), you will appreciate its robustness, its healthy character and above all its smooth surface which prevents stains and other dirt from adhering to it. In other parts, its durability over time as well as its antistatic capabilities which naturally repel dust are very estimable.

Tile care and cleaning won’t take a lot of your time. In a bedroom, the tiles can be a bit cold underfoot, but the stone will give the room a much sought-after natural elegance. In addition, thanks to its insulating qualities, the tiles can be combined with underfloor heating or, on the contrary, with a cooling floor system. Finally, the success of tiling can also be explained by the simplification of laying techniques thanks to the invention of glues, joints that are dust-free and much easier to use.

A modern decoration thanks to the tiling

Previously appreciated for its “rustic” tone, it is now widely used in modern and minimalist decorations. The tiles have changed, they are more designer, deliberately more rectangular than square and above all much larger.

” On the market, large formats are in high demand, such as 60 x 60 cm, 40 x 80 cm or 60 x 90 cm “, notes Alain Matuszynski, section manager at Castorama Melun. You can even find giant tiles (120 x 120 cm) which can take on the appearance of a central carpet, especially in a bathroom. Large tiles also give a sense of volume in a small room.

The colors have also changed a lot. The current trend is towards natural shades and the color chart offers a range of tones from anthracite gray to mastic or taupe and from greige to chocolate brown, tobacco or café au lait. Those who prefer colorful universes with sober atmospheres will opt for pastel version tiles.

” But the big current fashion concerns the ability to imitate tiles “, specifies Alain Matuszynski. Wood (parquet style), stone (smooth, laminated or even slate), metal (industrial look), leather and even certain textiles… all materials can now be reproduced for a rather surprising result.

And the mosaic that is making a comeback has also changed in appearance; you will find them in stainless steel, glass, with a matte or satin finish. In any case, all you have to do is create a universe that suits yo

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