Tips for Selling Your Home Fast.

Selling Your Home Fast

Selling a house or a condo is an important project that happens only once or a few times in a lifetime. This is a real estate transaction involving hundreds of thousands of dollars, where the slightest mistake can be costly.

We often want to sell without stress or hassle, quickly and at the best possible price. However, few sellers are real estate experts. It is therefore necessary to turn to specialists, and this is where real estate brokers come into play.

If you want to sell your property as quickly as possible, there are some pro tips that can help you. We spoke to our top partner brokers to get their tips!

Here you will find the 15 best tips they can give you to sell your property at high speed!

The 15 best tips to sell your property ultra quickly!

Sell ​​your home faster during a good time

The months between August and November are more favorable times for the rapid sale of your house given the start of the new school year (CEGEP and university) and professional transfers.

Also, between the months of January and June , the real estate market knows more vigorous moments.

The times of the year when you will have to be more patient with the

selling your home or condo is the holiday season and the summer holidays. Indeed, to move during the children’s school holidays, the parents will have had to buy their new home before the months of July and August.

sell house fast

To sell your home faster, know how to give a good first impression

The exterior… the first impression a visitor will have of your home. You have to make sure that your home for sale appeals to the buyer from the first glance.

the facade must be welcoming and clean,

the entrance must be cleaned,

exterior lights must be functional,

the ground must be cared for:

litter and leaves picked up,

flowerbeds and manicured lawn,

trimmed hedges,

galleries and sidewalks cleared of snow in winter,


An exterior at its best entices the buyer to come in to see the interior.

In order to accelerate the sale of your property, give it the maximum valuetips for selling your home

Walk around your property to uncover and fix problem situations before buyers inspect it.

You will thus demonstrate that your residence has been well maintained… and a house that is well maintained sells faster.

Before announcing the sale of your home, it is therefore recommended to take two

make the house clean,

carry out minor renovation work still pending,

repair small visible defects,

install relaxing and sober lighting,

Optimize the quick sale of your home even with a limited budget

Sometimes the budget is limited. It is therefore recommended to promote the improvement of the most profitable rooms such as the kitchen, followed by the bathroom and then the entrance.

It’s often the kitchen that makes your house sell quickly.

This is the most important room in your home. Bringing it up to date could greatly help you speed up the sale. If you don’t have a big investment to sell your home faster, replace old appliances to make a good impression, then… bring them to your new home.

You can also replace the cabinet doors.

To sell your house faster, clear it!

A room cleared of all that encumbers it seems larger.

Your home should not appear too crowded in order to impress the potential buyer.

Only keep what is strictly necessary during the period when your house is put up for sale.

Accelerate the process of selling your home by using storage space

It is enough to empty the closets by half so that the buyers are convinced that there will be enough storage space in their future home.

Thus, a few clothes hanging in the wardrobes and the essentials of your crockery tidy in the cupboards will promote the concept of convenience in your home.

A residence sells more quickly if it appeals to the buyer

Your home should appear neutral. Leave a lot of imagination to the buyer. He should be able to visualize himself surrounded by his personal belongings in your home .

It is therefore advisable to remove your family photos from the walls, your religious objects, etc.

You can replace what you remove with a beautiful frame or a stylish flower vase for example.

Real estate agent or real estate brokerResidential enhancement also consists of the art of properly decorating your home to sell quickly

A warm and inviting home sells better.

It is recommended to create a continuation between the pieces. For example, if your kitchen is modern in style, all you need to do is incorporate a common thread and ensure that a few modern elements are found in the bathroom, in the living room, etc.

The watchwords, however, are simplicity and well-being .

Odors can also help sell your home more easily

The smell is a small detail that has a certain importance. Who doesn’t like to be greeted by the good aroma of coffee or the apple pie you just baked?

Buyers will have no difficulty imagining the well-being of living in the home they are visiting and which smells so good.

Beware, however, of fragrant candles, odor diffusers… These strong odors are not necessarily unanimous.

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