Solid wood furniture: advantages & quality

Solid wood furniture

choosing the right wood for your furniture is important. This is a factor that has a real influence on the quality and finish of objects and therefore requires attention. Solid wood  is a favorite for the home. We decipher for you this trend for solid wood furniture .

What is solid wood?

Solid wood furniture is made from solid pieces of wood. These pieces are the result of a series of industrial machining operations on wood coming directly from the sawing of the tree. These choice parts are then assembled together in structure, frame or panels, with metal finishes if necessary. It is recognizable with the naked eye. For this, observe the grain of the wood, it must keep the same direction at the angles, otherwise it is a veneer. This feature makes each piece of solid wood furniture unique. Play the card of high quality furniture.

There are different solid woods:

Solid pine : this is the most widely used on the market. Its particularity is its increased resistance to temperature variations. Having solid pine furniture is also a time saver. Indeed, it is very easy to maintain.

 it is known to be very resistant, especially to humidity. The solid oak wood has a yellow/brown color, suitable for both bathroom furniture and living room furniture, for example a  solid oak sideboard .

 With its reddish brown color, walnut furniture is ideal for a classic but contemporary interior.

Solid birch : wood with rough bark that comes off in reddish-brown strips. It is particularly used on living room and dining room furniture.

Solid mango wood : native to eastern India, the mango tree produces a wood that tends towards light brown, which makes it similar to walnut. It is ideal for a modern and refined decoration, close to the Scandinavian style.

Solid rosewood : it is a hard and dense wood of Indian origin. Its color is relatively dark and tends towards gold. This solid wood requires a certain vigilance since any hot dish will leave marks on the furniture. It will therefore be avoided for the kitchen.

The advantages and qualities of solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture stands as the ultimate in wood furniture . They hold their notoriety from their original aesthetics, their resistance and their exceptional durability. Whether it’s a bed, a door, a sideboard or a table, your furniture lasts more than a few weeks!

Solid wood furniture: pieces with a unique aesthetic

Both elegant and natural, solid wood furniture has something to seduce…

The furniture is indeed naturally aesthetic, but above all original, no piece is alike. Each piece of furniture is unique according to the grain of the wood. Effortlessly beautiful, a simple polish will be enough to enhance the natural shine of solid wood .

On the aesthetic side, solid wood furniture will brighten up your interior in every way. If you like to make your interior a cozy little cocoon, solid wood will seduce you. Indeed in your living room, it creates a friendly and comfortable atmosphere conducive to relaxation. This calm and relaxing atmosphere is reinforced by the ability of solid wood to absorb sounds, thus avoiding their resonance. While in the kitchen, the use of solid wood evokes nature and authenticity.

Solid wood furniture can blend with any interior style. They can be used in a modern interior, close to the Scandinavian style by choosing solid teak wood, as well as in a more classic interior by choosing pine, walnut or rosewood.

Ensure quality furniture with solid wood

When you want to invest in quality furniture, it is best to turn to solid wood. It is indeed, known for its exceptional robustness . This includes increased resistance to humidity, an ability to protect the wood from insects and fungi or to maintain an ambient temperature, thus allowing some energy savings. Added to this are the classic virtues of wood: a completely pleasant smell of clean and new.

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