Ways You Can Decorate Your Balcony Space

outdoor balcony furniture

Clever design and space-saving solutions are essential when searching for methods to cosy up a small balcony. Having an outside space – regardless of its shape or size – has become increasingly valuable in recent years, so it is unquestionably worthwhile to devote some time and effort to planning its use and organisation.

Balcony gardens can be generally difficult to design, but those with limited space can be especially difficult. Fortunately, numerous creative methods exist to convert even the smallest balcony into a functional, attractive, and cosy space. Here are some Singapore outdoor balcony furniture ideas you can incorporate.

1. Add foliage to your balcony railings.

Tired of observing naked metal railings while spending time on your small balcony? Invest in some creative outdoor planters and allow a variety of colourful balcony plants to transform the area.

Choose containers that attach to the top of railings or suspend vertically from your balcony to allow nature to flourish in even the smallest spaces. These types of plant containers also provide a simple method for concealing urban environs and allowing nature to take centre stage by creating many flourishing plants on balconies.

2. Maximise space by combining storage and exhibit

Having space outside to stow gardening equipment, lanterns, and seasonal accoutrements out of sight can be crucial, especially in a compact area that serves multiple purposes.

Instead of a traditional wooden tool organiser or plastic storage case, invest in durable and robust backyard storage such as shelving units and cabinets to bring the indoors outdoors. They will help extend the style of your living space outdoors, which is a much smarter choice in a compact space where everything is near together.

On a small balcony, choosing a series of low-level units over a single tall cabinet is advisable, as the latter can feel overwhelming. Additionally, the surface can serve as a convenient display, food preparation, and serving area.

3. Create a compact yet inviting dining area.

Adding a table to a small balcony may seem counterintuitive, given how much space they consume, but if you choose judiciously, it will quickly win you over. It all comes down to cunning design, and with careful positioning, it can become a display feature and a casual outdoor dining area or workspace. Consider purchasing tables with a small footprint and foldable side or front leaves. Typically, these have a gateleg-style support, making it simple to adjust the surface area, but extendable limbs and gas strut supports are also used.

Designs that include a raised stowage ledge or recess that spans the breadth of the table’s back are extremely practical. It provides storage, display, and cultivation opportunities, making it a practical and effective solution for limited spaces.

4. Select space-efficient modular seating.

No small balcony or roof garden should be without comfortable furnishings, especially if the cosiness factor is to be increased. If space permits, a weatherproof sofa with water-resistant cushions is ideal for appreciating a good book, coffee with companions, or simply the view.

A modular design is ideal for a small balcony because it can be easily reconfigured if the balcony configuration needs to be altered, and the synthetic rattan material gives the space a warm, inviting feel.

5. Choose foldable, flexible furnishings.

Choose extendable, stackable, or collapsible furnishings for a small balcony to conserve space when not in use. Folding or stackable chairs are excellent space-saving options that can be easily stowed away during the winter to make room for additional flower containers to enliven the balcony on dreary days.

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