Best Types of Real Estate Investments You Should Consider

Real Estate Investments

While the real estate industry has been on the rise, different real estate types will deliver different profitability. Which properties and sectors should I consider investing in today? There are multiple types of real estate investments, including REITs, raw land, commercial, new construction, residential etc. you can work with companies like Boston real estate for professional advice on areas you might need help understanding.

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New Construction and Raw Land Investing

These include two real estate investments that can diversify your investment portfolio. Popularly found in rapidly developing markets, new construction investment involves properties already constructed on the land. On the other hand, raw land involves bare vacant land available for sale. This investment is common in markets having increased projected growth. New construction and raw land investing are profitable real estate investments. However, you must conduct detailed market research to guarantee maximum profits. This way, you can be sure to invest in an environment not restricted by market factors.

Residential Real Estate

Residential real estate comprises numerous properties, including vacation homes, duplexes, and single- and multifamily properties. But the most popular are single-family homes. Residential real estate provides a perfect investment for most people as it is easy to make profits continuously. When making your investment, it is crucial to note that there are different levels of competition and investing strategies across the markets. Therefore, you must select the right market and exit strategy to ensure you make profits.

Real Estate Investment Trusts(REITs)

REITs include companies owning various real estate types like malls, shops, hotels etc. One can invest in shares for these companies offered in the stock exchange market. REITs provide a perfect way of investing in the properties the company owns while eliminating the risk of owning the company yourself. REITs must give a 90% return of their income to their shareholders each year; thus, you can benefit from dividends while diversifying your portfolio. Compared to other real estate investments, REITs offer the most flexible liquidity.

Crowdfunding Platforms

This real estate offers investors access to multiple assets traditionally reserved for the rich and provides elevated returns. Even though crowdfunding real estate is easy to find, they involve high-risk levels. Thus, they are usually limited to persons having high net worth or accredited investors. The main types of crowdfunding platforms include REITs unavailable on the stock exchange and non-traded REITs. Note that if you invest in non-traded REITs, your money may go for several years without the ability to access it when need be.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is a significant investment if you strongly need to improve your local society. Some of the best commercial properties include multifamily projects, retail, industrial, hospitality and office. One of the major reasons commercial properties are considered an excellent investment option is its high potential for increased cash flow. Persons venturing into this business encounter longer leases, reduced vacancy rates and increased income potential. Check out Realtor in Castle Rock for the best Investment advice in Real estate.

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