Style Simplicity: How To Easily Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets

Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets can never be overlooked for their necessity. We need them to store our food, bakeware, cookware and every other essential required to cook delicious meals at home. But sometimes we start to find our cupboards a little… drab. Perhaps the handles are outdated, the plastic tacky or the wood fraying, and this is when it’s important to apply a little refreshment!

Because, after all, you shouldn’t have to buy brand new cupboards just because you think your current series is a little dated. Instead, you can apply these stylish touches to reinvigorate your cupboards and give them the style you thought was impossible:

New hardware

New hardware like elegant cabinet handles is one of the easiest ways to provide a new splash of style to your cupboards without spending a fortune. What’s more, there’s a lot of fun to be had in designing this style, especially if you are making the change from pulls to handles, knobs to pulls etc. Whatever the combination, there is a lot of style shakeup that can occur with this simple alteration, and we’re sure you will always find a design you simply love for your cupboards.

When choosing your style, you must consider how your cupboards are going to look once you have completed the other refreshment tasks (paint job, new faces etc.) then consider the colour and design of your desired handles, knobs or pulls. Are they going to be classically antique? Or, will they be modern and sleek?

The choice is yours and the results are always fantastic.

New splashback

If you have above-counter cabinets then you will either have exposed walls or a pre-existing splashback covering the walls. Either way, one of the best ways to reinvigorate the general area is to add a new splashback. The splashback provides both aesthetic and functional aspects that make it such an imperative in every Aussie kitchen.

Not only do they look amazing, but they also help protect your wall from all the food and liquids that splash at the wall during a big cooking sesh. There are plenty of stylish materials available, including ceramic tile to natural stone, peel and stick and more, ensuring that there is a design for every budget and kitchen aesthetic!

Light up your life (& kitchen)

Lighting is one of the best ways to optimise your kitchen’s aesthetic whilst making it safer for cooking. After all, those outdated kitchen designs are replete with poor lighting, and so it’s important to create a brighter space that doesn’t leave you susceptible to losing a pinky every time you get in the kitchen.

So, if your kitchen’s lighting makes you feel a little… concerned for your health, then this is one of the best ways to add a brighter aesthetic whilst improving its safety!

New paint, new cupboards

Who says you have to buy brand new cupboards just because you’re tired of their current aesthetic? Instead, you can add a simple paint job and one that splashes the cupboards with a bright burst of colour. What’s more, you don’t just have to stick to colours when it comes to elegant finishes, as there are finishes like antique, cracked and distressed available to give your cupboards a brand new (or elegantly-older) look.

See, there is absolutely no reason for you to have to knock out those cupboards especially when there are so many simple tips for reinvigorating them. All you need are a few stylish touches and you will have the appearance of brand new cupboards that are ideal for your kitchens aesthetic!

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