What if Every Modular Kitchen was Installed with Century Ply Plywood Panels?

Plywood Table Panel

Plywood is one of the most widely recognized contemporary materials. This is due to the fact that it may be molded in numerous ways. Due to its ideal mix of rigidity and flexibility, architects and designers view plywood as a material that can be utilized to create any type of wooden artwork.

Why is a Plywood Cabinet better than real wood? 

Plywood is an engineered wood that is created by adhering thin layers of veneer across and down the board. Logs of wood are peeled from thin layers of veneer to create the final product.

Solid wood, on the other hand, consists solely of wood harvested from trees. After trees are “decked,” sawmills cut the logs to the appropriate length. These wood blocks are immediately used to create furniture and other wooden objects. There are numerous types of solid wood, but the most prevalent include Indian Rosewood, Teak wood, Oakwood, Cherry, Mahogany, and Maple.

Even though plywood performs some aspects better than wood, it is difficult to determine which is superior. Everything relies on what is optimal for your project.Plywood is superior to dimensional lumber because its size is not affected by the weather. Additionally, it is considerably lighter than other materials and easy to paint or polish.

Also, constructing and shaping them is simpler. Since plywood does not expand or contract, it is considerably simpler to create joints.The final advantage of using superior quality plywood is, in fact, their attractive appearance. The exterior layers of plywood are chosen because they are uniform and free of knots. This level of consistency can not be achieved by edge-joining dimensional wood.

All these features and more can be availed by working with Century Ply plywood panels for your construction project.

Benefits of Century Ply Plywood Panels 

  • Improving security and decreasing the risk of fire:

Unexpected events, such as a fire, do not knock on your door to warn you that they are approaching. These kinds of disasters could inflict significant suffering and destruction. Therefore, prevention is always preferable to therapy. It is less likely for fire-resistant plywood to catch fire since it burns more slowly. Century Ply Plywood is manufactured using cutting-edge equipment and a novel procedure. The nano engineered particles reduce the likelihood of ignition.

The most crucial thing to do during a fire is to evacuate the area. It is nearly difficult to save anyone because of how quickly the furniture is burning. This issue can be fully avoided due to the 50-minute delay provided by fire-resistant plywood, such as that manufactured by Century Ply.

Chemically preparing the plywood ensures that it will remain intact even if entirely consumed by fire. It takes over 50 minutes to burn through a piece of fire-resistant plywood. You and your family still have time to evacuate before the fire catches on. Moreover, the plywood price offered by Century Ply is affordable.

  • Weatherproof and weather-resistant:

Waterproof and weatherproof by definition, plywood is naturally resistant to fire. Century Ply was created by a team of specialists and professionals to be more than merely waterproof and fireproof. These plywood not only look good but also are durable in nature.

  • Termite Proof:

Even while termites and borers may not seem like much, they can cause significant damage to the furniture you’ve labored so hard to construct. Consider plywood that is both termite-borer-resistant and fireproof. Century Ply plywood has been treated with chemicals and possesses these essential properties.

  • Eco-Friendly:

The smoke and hazardous chemicals emitted during a fire can create severe hypoxia, making it extremely difficult to escape. Technological advancements have made it feasible to add fire-resistant compounds to plywood, which has significantly increased its capacity to minimize dangerous gasses, such as carbon monoxide, produced when wood burns.

This is why Century Ply is considered to be one of the top plywood brands in India. If you live in a high-fire-risk location or operate a home in such an area where cabinets are a handy utilization of the walls of the house, Century Ply is your only quality option.

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