What is a kitchen backsplash used for?

kitchen backsplash used

The protection function of the kitchen splashback

As its Italian origin “credenzia” or trust indicates, you have to be able to trust a kitchen credenza. Indeed, this vertical space of 50 to 70 cm located between the worktop and the wall units , is intended to protect the walls from splashing water, the heat from the hob and its inevitable grease splashes .

The various materials it can cover: tiles, stainless steel, aluminium, wood, glass, marble, etc. are resistant to high temperatures and humidity. They are designed to make maintenance easier and your life easier. Do not hesitate to favor quality and durability.

The kitchen splashback and its storage secrets

Whether or not it is topped with a hood and wall units , the kitchen splashback offers many storage possibilities.

Shelves, lit or not, which can be attached to them, remain a safe bet.

Sober, the systems of bars or rails fixed along the entire length of the worktop , constitute ingenious and modular solutions for hanging everything you like to have close at hand: utensils, battery of knives, spice jars, tea towels, memos .

If your work plan has a good depth, you can arrange a small running cupboard over the entire length. It is the sliding doors, very often made of glass, which then constitute the credenza. Advantage ? The accessories are invisible but easy to access .

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Decoration, the beautiful role of the kitchen splashback

Rustic, design or graphic, the credenza allows you to play with space. To enlarge that of a small kitchen, just adopt the “tone on tone”. In this case, choose a single coating for the credenza and the wall units. Another option: mirrored panels that open up the perspectives.

To modulate and sculpt the space of a large kitchen, you can combine several materials  : tinted glass behind the hob, stainless steel to protect the worktop and stoneware above the sink, for example. The combinations are endless!

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, consider the lighting.

LEDs, tubes and spotlights, integrated or not in your splashback, leave you free to create the atmosphere that suits you. And make your kitchen a place where life is good.

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