Bifold doors: why Perth homes can truly benefit from them

Bifold doors

Bifold doors have long been one of Perth’s most popular choices for style and elegance. Of course, you have many options at your disposal, but this style is one that has many advantages over their French and sliding counterparts and this is especially so for homes in this part of Australia!

Let’s take a look at how below:

  • They create the perfect indoor/outdoor flow

The best aluminium bifold doors Perth has create the perfect indoor/outdoor flow through removing the barrier between the home and garden. Even when closed you will still have a wonderful view of your gorgeous garden, and when open they create the perfect flow on a warm summer’s day, as well as being perfect for BBQs and garden parties!

  • They allow more natural light in the home

Perth is a city that is blessed with warm, sunny days, and this style is perfect for allowing that wonderful natural light into the home. If your space is currently a little dim, perhaps this is because the entrance is blocking natural light from entering the home? If so, this design is perfect for allowing in the light that brightens a home.

  • They are space-efficient

This style is renowned for taking up little space around the entranceway. Conversely, French and sliding doors are considered quite large and take up a lot of space. The concertina styling of bifold designs is perfect for more compact spaces.

  • Dynamic opening options

With this style, you can choose to open part or all of the aperture. What’s more, you can opt to include an access point which mean you can open just one part of the design to, say, allow in a little breeze on a warm spring evening.

This makes them highly dynamic in contrast to other doors, which typically only allow one opening option.

  • They offer simple operation

These contemporary designs are made with optimised running systems which provide seamless, sliding operation without requiring too much force. Top quality designs contain features like child safety which prevent the little ones from hurting themselves when opening the port themselves.

This further makes them a smarter option for young families where child safety features are imperative in different parts of the home.

  • You can decide whether you want them to open inside or outside

If you have a particularly cramped space you can simply opt to have your design open into the outdoor area. This means if you ever have them open on a warm day then you won’t have to worry about them encroaching on your living space.

  • You can opt for an access door

You can opt to include an access design that will provide super fast access to the space. These designs are made to fit into the frame and work like standard entrances and a regular handle. You will still be able to slide the port just like this design promises, but an access point just makes for an even higher, ingenious design option.

As you can see, this design is one that truly invigorates a Perth home. In a city that is blessed with such fine weather, why not do what you can to make the most of that natural goodness entering the home?

This design is absolutely perfect for doing just that, and it’s for this reason why your home could truly benefit from installing this stunning style!

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