Taking a Tour Inside Nushrat Bharucha’s House in Mumbai

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Nushrat Bharucha, the Pyaarka Punchnam a actress, is now known for her phenomenal acting in various Bollywood hits. She has proven her might with her outstanding performances and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Like every other celebrity, Nushrat also has a knack for living in a perfect abode, replicating her sense of design and luxury. Keeping that passion alive, she bought her own home in 2020 and shared her confusion on Instagram about picking the right wall colour.

It showed how concerned she is towards owning a perfect house, blended in with her choice of colour and design.

So, let’s take a deep dive into her living space and share the experience she owns.

A Closer Look into Nushrat’s House

Let’s start with the most accessible corner of any house, the balcony. Nushrat has installed glass slider doors to access the balcony space, which gives the view of greenery and the city’s crowdy presence. The glass doors keep the entire house illuminated with natural light throughout the day. To keep her love for nature alive, she has ample plants around the balcony space.

Coming inside the living room, you will find beautiful lamps for setting a cosy ambience. She has a big home theatre around her living room to host some happening parties with friends and Bollywood colleagues. Attached to the balcony, you will see the beautiful violet-shade L-shaped couch with soft cushions for Nushrat to relax and watch television or gaze at nature.

Entering from the main door, the kitchen is on the first right of the property, which is modular and has calming green-white colours to set the mood right for cooking. Nushrat says she loves this colour combination of her kitchen and didn’t have to make any amendments to this space.

Nushrat’s Self-Decorated House!

Nushrat took the effort to design and curate her own house by taking suggestions from the internet and her fans. The suggestions and standard design recommended to Nushrat by the property developers in Mumbai weren’t up to the mark. So, she took the mantle of designing it all by herself.

She added a pinch of blue to the violet-shade panelling of her living room. The beautiful dining chairs have covers that resemble well with the entire wall setup. She has added some decor pieces on the top of the dinning table, which has artificial plants that, again, go well with the backdrop.

The centre table she owns is a restored flour-making machine. It is a creative element that adds amazing glam to the overall living room. The small & cute centre table will definitely get your attention! Right next to her entertainment centre, she placed two differently-sized tables just for the fresh and live flowers!

So far, the glimpse of Nushrat’s house gives a vivid understanding of her love for plants and nature. Upon the entertainment centre, she has a showcase for the trophies she has won over time in her acting career. Nushrat also stated in a video tour of her house that any terrace or open space around the property is her favourite area.


Nushrat lives a very simplistic life with minimal amenities, which expresses how grounded she is. She also has a second family home in Mumbai, where her entire family lives. As per the reports, she passed her lockdown days with her family, and the fans got a glimpse of it through her social media handle.

Even though there are astounding homes in Mumbai, Nushrat is in awe of her abode because she has designed it all by herself.

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